Our Core Values

Diversity: We are an inclusive community of diverse grassroots women both in age and ethnicity. The advantage of our group is the unique approach to embracing inclusivity cross-generationally. We guide and encourage women of different age and generations to engage and flourish in their journey to live their best lives, in all aspects.

Solidarity: We strive to learn and work in, for and with our community to achieve desired results. Our community is the reason that our members join the movement; to make our community a better place to live. Our movement is driven by local demands and priorities. Our projects and activities are a major force in shaping our community.

Communication: We lead authentically by fostering self-awareness and transparency on needs, plans, and values.

Responsibility: We strive to be a force for change by embracing a standard of excellence and promoting responsibility for actions and solutions.

Honesty: We act with integrity, e.g., act pursuant to commitments; if such is later deemed impossible, we communicate and act on what is.

Respect: We model desired conduct by asking direct, empathetic questions and listening for content and emotion on problems to foster dialogue on solutions.