Technology, Mentorship and Leadership Development Pillar

Technology: We harness social media and technology for good. On the social network, women and girls can connect, share their stories and ideas, and more. We connect grassroots women and girls to resources that train and educate women on using technology and digital media to tell their stories and have their voices heard, influence public narratives and change norms.

Young feminist hub:

Our mentorship and leadership pillar functions as a feminist movement building hub that aims to create a pool of young and value driven grassroots leaders advancing social change. Under this pillar, we mentor and build the self-confidence, knowledge and leadership skills of young women to prepare them for leadership roles at various levels. We invest in amplifying girls’ voices, resource their ideas/resistance, and build solidarity between and across girls’ movements, and support innovation in grassroots programming with and for girls. We also build young women’s agency to protect their bodily integrity and connect them to reproductive health resources.